Duncan Indian Restaurant

Restaurant The Royal Dar

Gurb and Kam Gill started in the Vancouver Island restaurant business in 2000 when they bought Dar Lebanon in Nanaimo on Wesley in the Old City quarter. It was here that they learned the restaurant trade and set their own high standards of food and service, which they keep to this day.

Kam used do the morning show with Bruce Williams on A-Channel but the night before the new TV channel was launched, the co-founder of the media group enjoyed dinner, which they always did when in town, even bringing the whole camera crew! They have even hosted Jann Arden and her band! It was this loyal following which inspired the next step in the Royal Dar story.

Founders of The Royal Dar Restaurant Two years later in 2002, Gurb and Kam decided it was time to move and look for their own building to buy and convert into a restaurant. They discovered historic Ladysmith and an old 1920s house and yard, which they completed gutted and redesigned with their own authentic Indian taste.

They started with a menu including half-Mediterranean and half-Indian dishes but realized in 2006, that Indian food was becoming so popular in Ladysmith and mid-Vancouver Island that it was time to make an important change. They took a leap of faith and imported chefs directly from northern India.

Now, they have relocated and are very settled in Duncan, and are looking forward to seeing you through the Royal Doorway!